School Life

House System and Student Council

In order to boost school spirit, create togetherness and a sense of belonging, Bethesda has an established house system. Our prestigious houses are Flack (red), Wilcox (yellow), Solomon (green) & John (blue). These houses initiate a healthy competitive spirit among the students, for school wide events, especially Sports Day. The houses are led by their respective Captains and Vice-Captains whose primary responsibility is to maintain unity and harmony among their student populations.

The Student Council provides authentic leadership opportunities for students in the school and its community. It represents our student body and consists of President, Vice-President, Captains & Vice Captains. Elected members are role models of good citizenship and strong leadership. Engaging in the student council significantly enhances self- esteem in students, and greatly improves school culture. Children have a voice of their own and are provided with an opportunity to find their strengths and inherent potential.

We are committed to molding young boys and girls to become prospective achievers by instilling leadership values and qualities.


Great effort is taken in organizing and commemorating school wide events like the Merit Day, Literacy Day, Science Fair and national holidays. These celebrations at Bethesda provide a platform to showcase student talent and collaboration. It binds the school community, fostering a deep sense of pride and achievement. The creativity and team work involved builds relationships and adds a rich flavor to school life.

Music & Art

The arts provide students with ana venue to express their creative intent. As a result, music and art form an integral part of the curriculum. We realize that investing in such an education enriches students’ lives and keeps them actively engaged in school. In music, professional attention is given to voice training and playing instruments like the guitar, drums and piano. The school choir is groomed to entertain in all school celebrations.

Fine arts like drawing and painting are also part of the curriculum framework. Students are encouraged to explore and engage in their artistic endeavors. Artwork by the students are proudly displayed and appreciated in the school corridors. Integrating music and the arts across the curriculum bolsters students’ inventiveness and expression.


  • “The school and its teachers don’t just teach, but builds character. The teachers go that extra mile to teach us valuable life lessons. I used to stammer as a kid. Bethesda helped me face my fears and conquer it. I eventually became a school captain. I am a professional trainer now, interacting with more than 100 students in one sitting. I will be forever grateful to the school.

    Rohit Singh G, Bethesda Batch of 2003, BE Computer Science, MBA-Marketing,
    Entrepreneur in Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Trainer.
  • “My school life at Bethesda began in 8th grade, 2001. The principal at that time, Francis Samuel was the biggest inspiration and role model in my life; for punctuality, discipline, a sharp dress sense, and motivation. Bethesda provided a good base for my language skills, especially English and involvement in multicultural activities. Bethesda International School is not just an educational institute, but a sacred place where we gain knowledge and work towards our goals. A big salute, to my respected teachers and principal for their support during my school days”

    Deepak S, Bethesda Batch of 2003, BE Telecommunications, MS Electrical Engineering.
    Admin Manager at British Petroleum Services, Australia.
  • All the teachers at Bethesda have had a great impact on me. If there is one thing that Bethesda International School has taught me is that If I work hard enough, I can be successful in school and in life”

    Dr. Paneednra S, Bethesda Batch of 2006, MBBS. MS.
    Dentist at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, New Delhi.
  • “In my schooling days, self-discipline was made a habit from early childhood. This helped me a lot to pursue my passion as career. I am extremely grateful for the 13 years of my schooling in this esteemed institute”

    Arpana Prabhu, Bethesda Batch of 2008, BE Computer Science, Masters Bharatanatyam.
    Woman Entrepreneur- Maarga Kalakendra, Bharatanatyam Institute.