About Us

The Institution...

The institution was conceived in 1992, to meet the growing demands for a stellar academic institution in Kengeri Satellite Town, Bangalore. Our focus is to provide an exemplary program that will mold our students into invaluable citizens of the country.

Here you will find a healthy balance of tradition and inventiveness. With a deep respect for long-held values and beliefs, we have grown from strength to strength into one of the best, pioneering institutions in the area.


Bethesda International School was initiated in 1992 by our esteemed founder, Mrs. K.J. Aleyamma. Her aim was to provide a strong educational foundation for every child to discover and develop their unique talents and gifts. After establishing this vision in Bethesda School, Kumara Park, she desired to bring this first class education to Kengeri Satellite Town.

An able administrator and zealous educator, Mrs, Aleyamma was the first principal of the school. With the commitment and support of a dedicated team of teachers, she built the school with the highest academic standards, enabling it to flourish into one of the top educational institutions in Bangalore.

Though the school started initially with the State Curriculum, it adopted the ICSE curriculum in 2004. Since then, we have experienced a positive growth in numbers, ranking and stature.

Partaking in the ceremonial lighting of the lamp


Our vision is a community alive with positive people

In charge of their own destinies
Valuing themselves as significant and able
Appreciating the importance of others
Practicing personal and social responsibility
Caring for the community and environment
Who accept others with courage and hope
Whose voices celebrate and encourage
Whose life is built on integrity
Whose learning is lifelong

Our legacy will create a better world for future generations.


Our mission at Bethesda is to provide the best educational experiences in a nurturing and caring environment that will address the aspiration and abilities of all students, foster innovation and risk taking, prepare graduates who can capitalize on change and be responsive to the community around.


Director’s Note...

Welcome to Bethesda! Our institution prides itself in being a bastion of academic excellence and innovation. As you browse through these pages, you will discover a school rich in culture, character and competence.
Our role in education is to nurture students to grow in their values, knowledge and relationships with people. We are a community that learns in an environment of respect, solidarity and dialogue. At Bethesda we have developed a value-based curriculum where students experience learning in a positive, balanced and complete way. Our objective is to understand their needs and stimulate their intellectual curiosity.
Our results vouch for our excellence. Each child is unique and special. We identify their strengths and develop those natural abilities to the fullest. Children blossom in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation from the entire school community. This school is the school of life where learning to get along and learning as a group complement the education students receive at home.
Bethesda translates to “A Healing Pool”. To those who venture across our waters, we welcome with open arms.

Let our light shine forth!!

Mrs. Beena Titus, Director