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At present, Bethesda International School is home to 1,000 students. Our growing student population is accommodated in a serene, four-acre property equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure ranging from spacious SMART classrooms to large sports facilities.

The school has the perfect incorporation of all amenities to guarantee a safe and ideal learning environment, to meet all the needs of its diverse student population.

Smart Class Rooms & Auditorium

Bethesda provides SMART classrooms for its students, with all teachers and classrooms equipped with a desktop, projector and WIFI. This has allowed Bethesda to be on the forefront of creative teaching approaches, to stimulate the interests of our students. In addition SMART classrooms, class strength is maintained at forty in order to guarantee quality teaching, efficient delivery of subject matter and a personal teacher-student experience.

In the event of natural calamities and environmental challenges such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Bethesda has administered quality education to our students via online classes utilizing platforms such as ZOOM and Google classrooms. In addition to the online classes, a variety of personalized tutorials, videos and educational exercises were conducted to keep the students engaged in their academics.

Bethesda is also a recognized exam center for conducting the zonal ICSE exams. Our spacious, SMART auditorium allows us to host and contribute to various educational and cultural events. The auditorium is fully equipped with a modern speaker system, stage and seating to accommodate 2,000 people.

A group of students sitting at computers in a computer lab
A group of students seated in an auditorium, participating in an event at Bethesda International School Bangalore.
A group of students sitting at computers in a computer lab

Computer Lab

Being situated in the Silicon Valley of India, Bethesda has taken the initiative to provide a fully-functional computer lab boasting forty operating systems along with experienced professionals. The emphasis of our computer faculty is on teaching and taking care of all SMART facilities on the school campus. Technology and computers are at the forefront of education today and we believe in equipping our students with skills that are relevant to the current global climate.

The computer lab is also dedicated to research development for teachers. They have dedicated team weekly to search and utilize online resources such as videos, tutorials, educational websites and any other online material that can act as teaching aids.


Reading and educational mediums such as books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines and novels are vital to an academic institution. We have taken the initiative to create a warm and relaxing environment for our children to enrich themselves with any subject matter of their choosing. Our library provides a range of reading material from novels to magazines to engage all interests. All books on record are digitized and available for students to borrow, read and return. Knowledge is power!

Students engaged in coloring activities at Bethesda International School Bangalore

Science Labs

Bethesda prides itself in providing a wholesome education incorporating both timeless principles and skills. The school campus has three independent labs for biology, physics and chemistry. All labs are equipped with up to date, modern scientific instruments and models where the highest safety standards are enforced and maintained. An annual science fair is conducted for students of all grade levels to encourage a natural curiosity for science and technology and explore various scientific principles.


Our campus, spreading over 4 acres, allows our students to enjoy numerous sporting activities. Our sports infrastructure includes; a football pitch, basketball court, throwball court and ample area for track and field activities. We believe sports are an essential building block for students as its teaches values such as team-work, patience and strategic thinking. Keeping students fit and active helps then to perform better in academics. Bethesda takes part in inter-school competitions and are proud champions in volleyball, throwball, bringing home many trophies. Sport’s Day is one of the biggest events at Bethesda, with all students, teachers and staff coming together to participate in various sports activities.

A group of students from Bethesda International School in Bangalore forms a human pyramid during Sports Day, showcasing teamwork and athleticism.
A view of the student hostel at Bethesda International School in Bangalore,

Sick Bay

At Bethesda we love to see children energetic and healthy. We are completely committed to the health and safety of students who are entrusted to us. We have a clean sanitized room equipped with first aid and trained personnel to administer basic medicine.


Based on student needs, provision has been made for transport facilities. This includes:
– Well maintained and sanitized buses with speed governors, GPS and CCTV cameras.
– Certified drivers.
– Trained personnel to make commute to and from school a safe and enjoyable experience.

A group of students boards a bright yellow school bus outside Bethesda International School Bangalore, symbolizing the daily journey to education.