Guidelines for fee payment...

Tuition fees and other school related fees are payable as prescribed by school management. Fee details are provided on registration by the administration. Kindly follow the guidelines below:

– New Students from Prep to Std 9 must pay the tuition fees in full before admission is guaranteed
– Tuition fees are payable for 12months, irrespective of school holidays
– Tuition fees paid after the due date, will attract a fee of Rs. 100 per day
– After the first year of admission, returning students are eligible to pay fees using the installment program
– Fees can be paid in full or in three installment periods

1st Installment: April 10-29
2nd Installment: August 1-14
3rd Installment: November 1-14

This flexible installment program will be withdrawn from those who do not respect deadlines for fee payments. Pupils attending classes for a part of a term must pay the tuition fee for the whole term. Pupils leaving after the month of October will have to pay fees for the whole year.

The school administration reserves the right to remove students from the official school register, withdrawing their status as a student, if there is a failure to comply with the above-mentioned guidelines.  Fees can be paid in cash at South Indian Bank, K.S. Town, Bangalore or online via the below mentioned South Indian Bank link.

Online payment link:  https://feebook.southindianbank.com/FeeBookUser/org?id=355

Online Payment for Fees - Bethesda International School