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Bethesda International School adopted the ICSE syllabus in 2004. The school provides quality education for children aged 3-15 years, from Nursery to Standard 10. We are also equipped with the option of the Indian School Certificate (ISC), affiliated to the CISCE (Council for the Indian Secondary Certificate Examination), New Delhi, for students who wish to pursue their further education at Bethesda.

After adopting the ICSE curriculum, we are proud of our continuous improvement in graduate records, with all students acquiring a first-class or distinction. Teachers at Bethesda follow a strategically developed pattern of teaching at each level of education to ensure students receive the best academic support.

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  • PRIMARY (I to V)
  • ISC (11th and 12th)

The kindergarten program offers three levels; the Preparatory, LKG and UKG for children aged 3,4 and 5 years respectively.

Prep & LKG introduces children to a new world of learning through active exploration. We aim at engaging children through vivid story-telling, rhymes, music, art and physical activities. A special audio-visual room is designed to aid the kindergarten classes.

In UKG, more emphasis is given to promote basic skills in reading, and writing for a well grounded foundation in the English language. The curriculum is engaging and creative designed to facilitate and enhance different styles of learning.

The approach in Kindergarten is child-centric with broad monthly themes to develop fine and large motor skills, verbal proficiencies and creativity.

At the primary levels, teaching is highly interactive. “Learning by doing” is the motto and teaching is supported by attractive visuals, manipulative and creative educational activities. Learning is linked with concrete examples from surroundings, nature, school, home etc. The focus is to present new information in a logical and interesting manner and not merely on textbook coverage.

Students are exposed to a wide range of curricula allowing them to explore core ideas to a greater depth. A variety of strategies are practiced to sustain and optimize student learning such as computer aided-instruction, interactive student sessions and group projects. In middle school, students inculcate valuable study skills and self-discipline to face the challenges of the high school program.

A very structured curriculum is designed to maximize learning and student outcomes in the ICSE/ISE examination. The core curriculum is supported by a variety of extra-curricular and sports activities to boost student morale. Ample opportunities are provided to develop knowledge, skills and attitude for success in the board exams. Students, teachers and parents work in close partnership in a highly supportive environment.


Indian School Certificate (ISC) program is a comprehensive curriculum aligning with the CISCE guidelines. The program offers in-depth education to students through extensive theoretical and practical sessions. It empowers students to cultivate knowledge and skills necessary for excelling in board exams while preparing them for diverse professional and degree courses. Complemented by a framework of extracurricular activities and sports, the program ensures a holistic development for the ambitious young individuals gearing up to face the challenges of the world.

Group 1: Compulsory Subject

English (Paper 1: Language; Paper 2: Literature)

Group 2: Elective Subjects

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Commerce, Accounts, Mathematics, Physical Education
  • Commerce, Business Studies, Computer Science, Physical Education



Every student is unique, and Bethesda believes in leaving no child behind. Students are bound to face challenges and difficulties in the classroom. Remedial classes are conducted every week to aid those students needing extra support and guidance. This remedial program is unique and effective as the school boasts an astounding record of all students graduating with first classes and distinctions.



In today’s world, children face issues beyond the classroom. We believe it is important to address these difficult situations so that our students can fully benefit from their time at Bethesda. The school has a full-time counsellor who effectively aids and monitors students in need of academic and socio-emotional support. A Child Protection Committee has been established to attend to student concerns and ensure the well being of all our students.

An education at Bethesda helps our students develop competence and character in a safe and nurturing environment. We create a climate that is conductive to effective learning and high student achievement.